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Welcome to The Neewara Academy College of Design.

We started in 2016 and are an independent Design Collage offering a unique approach to design education in the very heart of Central Jaipur. Neewara Academy is run by Zindagi Charitable Trust and the aim of the organisation is to develop the skills of students to empower them with job or business and to make them independent. We offer a range of Design Education Programs for all ages and for all skill levels.

We are affiliated to Rajasthan ILD Skills University (RISU) an initiative by Government of Rajashtan. We offer Degree Courses like as B.Voc & M.Voc in Fashion Design, Interior Design, Jewellery Design, Product Design. 

Neewara Academy is the first DESIGN Academy in Jaipur with international standards and facilities. Its quality standards are at par with the best in Jaipur. The Academy is committed to excellence and professionalism. Our focus is on Internationalism, entrepreneurship and employability, catering to the needs of the Design, Fashion, Interior, Textile Business and Retail Industry.

The DESIGN Industry is humongous and the future beholds a very competitive market led by adoption of superior technology, business organization in larger scale of operation, and inter-play of business strategies. Thus we have evolved courses according to the needs of this versatile industry to develop the required skills of our students.

We will help you to balance the acquisition of technical skills, creative expression and the development of critical insight so that you can find your own voice and visual language to enable you to realise your ideas. We have high standards with a robust but positive and critical approach. We're a warm energetic community of artists with a supportive environment where we'll nurture you whilst constantly challenging and stretching you to become the best designer you can be. The congenial atmosphere at the academy makes learning complacent for a higher mental development to create professionals who can understand the dynamics of global business environment of the fashion & apparel industry.


Director Words

I started the institute as I believe so passionately in keeping skill training at the heart of contemporary design education and the best people to teach those skills are practicing prof.

We offer courses across a wide range of disciplines delivered by highly skilled working artists, Designers and academicians pre-eminent in their fields. from the outset and to this day our courses are tailored to the individual need of our student whether studying full time or part time, on long or short courses, evenings, nad weekends courses.

Many of our artist/tutors/designers have been with us since the beginning and our former students drop in to take interactive sessions or to refresh their own skills or just to find out what we'ar all up to. As you'll see from reading our website.


Our Vision / Mission

Neewara Academy students are designers, artists, and scholars who learn to apply the transformative capacity of design responsibly, creatively, and purposefully. Our diverse community of students and faculty explore multiple sites and scales of engagement, from on-campus research initiatives to partnerships that bring about change in Designing world .

The Neewara Academy is an independent design & business college . We offer a range of art education programmes for a wide age range and all skill levels. We offer specialized long-term courses (B.Des FASHION - BSC INTERIOR , BSC TEXTILES 1-YEAR 2-year Diploma Certificate courses), evening classes, part-time weekend and short courses.

Founded in 2016 we have built a reputation for transmitting real professional skills and creative insight, for taking care of all who come through our courses and enabling everyone's creative vision.

To enable every student to realise his or her vision by developing their individual skills and creative insight – this is how we deliver our mission.

The Neewara Academy Believes

  • Creating an environment where our students can experiment , research and learn from the best academic, artistic and design practitioners so we can develop a visionary designer who will be the creative thinkers of the future
  • Developing creative skills , both traditional and contemporary to support a student's freedom of expression
  • Encouraging students to understand and consider the conception and skills that have gone into the creation of all art work for design development in any medium both traditional and contemporary.
  • Training every student to develop a critical and spontaneous creative process which allows them to be true to their creative vision.
  • Helping students to understand the design & business market and the world of the professional designers to enable them to make informed choices within their creative practice.
  • Providing a supportive, vibrant and eclectic artistic community where creativity can be nurtured.